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January 2017: Sing Harmonies 3.0 is Now Available: Check it Out Here on the App Store

        This update is a complete rebuild with improved functionality that fixes problems some users had with the Song Store and restoring already purchased songs. We also fixed the problem of the app shutting down if your phone rings. Plus, you can now find Sing Harmonies in iPad searches.
        While working on the update we discovered that the harmonies for "One Love" were out of sync, so we removed it from the Song Store temporarily. We also added a new song: "Don't Stop Believing".
        You will not lose your already purchased songs when you update the app, but you may need to tap "restore purchases' in the Song Store. More info on restoring already purchased songs is on the tech support page.
        Now that the update has been completed we'll start producing some new songs: our next batch includes “Take it Easy”, “Down to the River and Pray”, and “The Longest Time”.

January 2017: Sing Harmonies for Android

        Yes, we've finally started work on an Android version of Sing Harmonies, with all the same features and songs as the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch version.. Stay tuned for more details. If you want to be notified when the Android version is available please sign up for our email list on the right of this page. Don't worry, we only send out 1 or 2 emails a year. 

"Best tool for those who are struggling with harmonies" TopApps.net

Here's where you'll find more information and support for the Sing Harmonies iPhone App. Sing Harmonies is a great harmonizing tool with which singers can learn to sing vocal harmony by soloing or muting any combination of voices while playing 4-part vocal arrangements of pop, rock, jazz, country and traditional songs. The app also works on iPad and iPod Touch.

"When you're trying to get a group of friends to sing in harmony, this app will help you find your part." apppicker.com

Sing Harmonies 3.0 is now available in the App Store--it includes three fully-produced songs: Lean On Me, Teach Your Children and Proud Mary. Many more songs can be added to the app via in-app purchase: the song list and song arrangement info are here. You can buy the app at the iTunes App Store for $1.99.

August 2015: We've added more songs-- We've just added California Dreamin', Bridge Over Troubled Water, Peaceful Easy Feeling, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Tracks of My Tears, Rockin' Robin, Can't Help Falling in Love, and Since I Fell for You. If you already own the app look in the song store and you'll see the titles for the new additions.

How to Use Sing Harmonies

The singers are lined up left to right from the lowest to the highest voice (bass, tenor, alto, and soprano). Tap any singer to rotate through three volume settings: full, soft, and silent.

Our FAQs page has answers to many of the questions you may have about using the app and singing harmonies.

To turn the music track on or off: tap the band.

To view and/or choose another song: go to the library, or tap the previous or next arrows.

To see these instructions on the app: tap the information icon in the upper right.

App navigation: Tap the blue menu icon in the upper left for the main menu. In the menu tap "Library" to view and/or choose songs in your library. Tap "Song Store" to view and/or choose  song available to add to your library via in-app purchase. Tap "Player" to return to the singers.

To learn a part: Silence the three other singers. Sing along with the solo voice, with or without the music track, until you know the part. When you've learned your part, sing along with one or more of the other singers. You can sing along with your part or mute it; if you need a little help, play your part softly while the other voices are at full volume.

Harmony Troubleshooting:

If you lose your place and start singing a different part: mute the other singers and play only your part until you are back on track, then add the other singers back in, one at a time, from lowest to highest.

If you keep losing your part when the other voices are singing: practice your part some more with only the music track. Make sure you can sing your part without the guide voice playing. Add in the lowest voice at soft volume. Concentrate on the music track and your part. When you can also listen to the other part without losing yours, increase the volume of other voice. When you can stay on your part with confidence, add another voice, using the same method.



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